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Bulford Parish Council

The Parish lies in the County of Wiltshire, astride the Nine Mile River, amidst the downland of Salisbury Plain and approximately two and a half miles north of the historic township of Amesbury and, slightly further to the west, the ancient monument of Stonehenge.

Its western boundary is formed by the River Avon, whilst immediately to the north, it adjoins the eastern section of the Salisbury Plain Army Training Area (a cornucopia of flora, fauna, and sites of archaeological interest) to which the public has recreational access at all times whilst it is not being used for its primary purpose of training soldiers;  the public is rarely excluded and this provides an unrivalled facility for those who enjoy exploring and walking, with or without dogs.

Bulford enjoys strong and happy Army affiliations and contains an Army Barracks, someone and a half miles to the east, historically dating back to before World War 1.   It has three public recreation areas, one of which contains a large and well equipped Village Hall with its adjoining Children's Playground, Tennis Court, Basketball Pitch, and Football field;  it also contains an early C of E Church (with attendant churchyard and cemetery) three Primary (including Infant) Schools, two of which are run by the Local Education Authority and one of which is private.    Four full-sized Super-Markets, a Post Office, Library, Doctors' Surgeries, Chemists, and some shopping facilities are easily available close by in Amesbury, Durrington, and Tidworth Towns.

All in all, Bulford is a delightful country Parish in which to live.

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